Monday, November 12, 2012

It's been 3 months!

Wow! With work, school, and being a mama, time really flies by! Here is a photo update of the little man. :o)


 Someone is sitting up on his own:

He is eating and loving every minute of it!

He's lovin on his daddy and mama

He is busy being an elephant

And he's also crawling now, pulling up on anything he possibly can so he stands. He eats like a champ! He's babbling nananana, mamamama, babababa, dadadada, and laughs to melt your heart. 

I'm in love with this little dude. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

4 months

Well, I don't have any 4 month stats because we didn't have a Dr appointment yet, and we haven't gotten around to weighing him ourselves. We've been vacation mania people. 

So let's see, on July 30, Declan was baptized. My brother, Brian, and my sister-in-law, Rachel, are his God Parents. Here are some pictures from the event. :o)

^I love this picture so much! 

^Brian and Rachel

^My best friends! Meghan, (me and Declan), Mandy, and Jenn

^Derek's side of the family for a picture

^My side of the family

We left for Tennessee with Derek's parents the day after the baptism, and remind me to never plan a party and a vacation that kick off on the same weekend! I was a little stressed, but it was all perfect. Here's some Tennessee.
Declan found his feet in Tennessee! 

We went a this place and they had a moonshine tasting for free! So we got apple pie moonshine and it was gooood. (Below)

Family Picture at the aquarium

He LOVED the aquarium! So much to look at 

Declan was such a good boy while we were there. 

This place was crazy. People would jump off the cliff into the water. A guy actually jumped out of a tree from about 45 feet high. 

Then, we came home on Friday and Sunday, Declan and I went up north with Rachel, Xander and Stephanie. 

First time on a boat. He wasn't too sure about the life jacket, but did great. 

Rachel and X playing on the tire swing. 

Steph is such a sweetie 

Watching boats and water

So needless to say, we are exhausted after a busy couple of weeks. Oh, Declan also learned how to roll over back to belly while we were up north. Crazy! 

Here are a few more pictures from the month. 

I am in love with this picture. 

This one is from up north, it was so sweet. Xander doesn't really care for babies and suddenly he was doing this and Rachel caught it on camera. Super cute!

Someone learned to blow bubbles this month. 

He's not always sure of how much he likes to swim. 

Uncle Sam baby on the 4th. 

We went to the zoo with Mandy and Meghan who were busy taking this picture. 

And the growth progression from the last few months

I'll post stats after his 4 month appointment!