Thursday, January 5, 2012

questionnaire about pregnancy

I somewhat stole this from a blog I follow- Table for More, but I found a different one with similar questions so I could be a little bit different. Hers is way cuter because of all the pictures, but Derek's computer doesn't have a thing for my memory card, so I can't upload my pics from my camera. Lame. 

When are you due:
March 28. 9 days after my birthday, 6 days after Derek's birthday. Oh and 8 days after my mom's. Holy cow, March birthdays! 

How many weeks are you: 28 weeks 1 day

Was this planned or unplanned: Planned! We were so excited!

How much weight gained: Last time I weighed myself, I was about 23 pounds gained. I think my goal of 25 pounds is a loss. Oh well.. at least my gain has been all belly! I'll move my goal to 35 pounds, which is the high end of the average. I'm working out 5+ days a week and I'm eating right, so I guess my body just wants to gain what it has gained. 

Do you wear maternity clothes: Yes and no. Pants are a yes. My belly will not allow for pre-pregnancy jeans anymore. They still fit my legs, but they won't button or zip anymore. However, I still wear my old work/dress pants. Shirts I can get away with somewhat, depending on the style. 

Is this your first pregnancy?: Yes.

Latest food craving: None :-( I'm seriously bummed. I couldn't wait to find out what I would crave. I have wanted ice cream, but I always wanted ice cream pre-pregnancy, so I don't think that counts. I did want a slurpee the other night because I was SO THIRSTY. I literally drank 100+ oz of water and needed something else. It worked! 

Your top two name choices or baby's name:
Wouldn't you like to know ;-) We aren't telling our baby's name until he/she is here. We're big turds. 

Worst Thing about being pregnant:
Back pain! My back just realized about a week ago that my front has grown. It was a sudden thing- my back started to hurt ALL THE TIME no matter what. While I workout, now, I've been focusing on my posture and that has helped a little, thank GOD! 

Best Thing about being pregnant: Feeling my baby move. It's crazy and I love it so much. It's been great while I've been on break because when Derek leaves for work, the baby is moving around like crazy. I can feel every flip and flop. He/she must be active in the mornings, but I don't normally notice because I am usually up and moving around before Derek even gets up. 

The first person you told was: Obviously Derek. But the next people were Brian and Rachel, my brother and sister in law. They told us they were preggo with their first one about 2 weeks before they told anyone else and HOLY COW was that a hard secret to keep! I was still living at home with my parents and I feel like I avoided them during those 2 weeks which is hard when they're right there all the time. So we told them first to pay them back. OH! Actually, we told my 3 month old niece first. She didn't tell anyone, though. :-)

Are you more scared or excited: Honestly, the one thing I'm SUPER scared about is getting an IV. I can't even handle thinking about that. It freaks me out. I'm scared about how much our life is going to change. For instance, when Derek gets home from work, we go to the gym together. That won't happen because what the heck do you do with a baby while you're at the gym? 
But then, wow, am I excited to see this baby and hold him/her in my arms. I can't even imagine how great it'll be to hold that tiny body in my arms. And we get to keep him/her forever! Right in our house! :-) hehe 

Happy or mostly moody: Happy! Derek and I were just talking about this the other day. I have been a really happy camper the entire pregnancy. I had one instance where I almost cried in public. Our waiter got my order wrong at a restaurant and forgot our silverware and I looked at Derek and just about started crying. He was a problem solver and got it all figured out. I think the waiter knew I was about to cry because he didn't charge us for the fries he forgot. 

Last time you cried over something ridiculous was: See above. Haha. I did almost cry while watching "Hairspray" yesterday because the guy from The Notebook that Rachel McAdams almost married was in it, and I thought about how sad he was that she left him. 

You pee an estimated __ times a day?:
I can't even tell you. 2-3 times every night. Sometimes more. I drink so much all day that I am peeing about once an hour or more.... usually more. This is my biggest reminder that I'm pregnant. 

Weirdest dream you've had since pregnant?: The other night, I dreamt that Derek got up for work and I was in bed and the baby started kicking. The kicks were so hard that I could see the outline of his foot (it was a boy in the dream). Then he kicked again and I could see each wrinkle in the bottom of his foot and each toe. It was so weird that I called Derek in there. I was really excited to see the foot in my dream. I woke up and was so grossed out at how weird it was! 

Will you breast feed:
I sure will try! 

What are you looking forward to: Holding my baby is #1, but sleeping on my back is a close #2. I have also been very, very ready for a nice drink! On a tv show, someone poured a glass of wine, filled to the rim, which almost ended up being the entire bottle and I was salivating. I normally don't drink very much, but all these holidays, weddings, and parties we have had lately have had me very much ready for a drink. 

What are you not looking forward to: Totally TMI, but all the nasty stuff that comes with after delivery for the mommy. I recently read a whole bunch of advice from been there, done that moms online and, wow, that first week sounds messy! 

Words of wisdom: Uhhh... Can I ask for words of wisdom from someone who already has kids?! My only advice to pregnant people is to pack and emergency snack to bring with you places because when hunger strikes, it strikes hard! 


  1. That's a fun questionnaire! I think I might borrow it, if that's OK

  2. Absolutely! I borrowed it, too! Have fun!! :-)

  3. Aww this is precious!! Thanks for sharing some info! I'm a turd too and won't tell my name, lol. BUT I do know it's a girl and that part is public!
    I, too, may "borrow" this, :)

  4. ok, here's mine, lol