Thursday, July 28, 2011


I have some goals while it's still beautiful summer time:

1. Walk! (or jog!) I need to start getting outside everyday. Too often, I'm sitting inside looking out the window thinking about how beautiful it looks outside. So my goal is to walk at least once a day. I would really like to walk twice a day.

2. Do some kind of outdoor activity a week. I.E. Wash the car, go to D's grandma's pool, get out and pull weeds, etc.

3. Eat all the yummy produce that's so delicious right now. I have been doing pretty good with this, but I'm putting it on my goal list so I continue. Now that I mention it, I really need some garbonzo beans so I can make more hummous for my veggies! mMmMmMm I have a great hummous recipe if anyone wants it.

4. Get my tan back. Oh California- I miss your lazy, lovely times at the beach and the glorious golden hue you provided my skin. I blame my class for being during peak tanning hours (10:20am-2:40pm) everyday! How is someone supposed to keep up with summertime with hours indoors like those? Not to mention keep sane sitting inside for that long. I digress.

Well, I suppose those are my goals. I want to maintain a healthy me. That is my basic goal. Thank God for a dietician as a best friend. I don't think she'd let me be an unhealthy me. (Is that proper grammar? Who knows? I will have been driven crazy by Friday at 2:40pm when this class has finally ended.) And yes, that sentence was an inside joke between my brain and the class. Sad.

I will leave you with this.

Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if vegetables
                                                                             smelled as good as bacon.  ~Doug Larson

(OH MY GOD that bacon looks good)


  1. Good luck with your goals!! Being a healthier you is always in fashion!!

    oh and btw, I so have to steal that quote and pic, if you don't mind (I'll link it back to you) It's it one of the truest quotes ever!! (truest...yeah I have great grammar as well :P)

  2. Thanks Cat! And steal away! It's a great quote and I still haven't had bacon. :o(